Here we provide simple Guidelines that how to use Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Block for Commercial, Industrial and residential construction.


On dry and even surface to avoid Damage & contact with moisture

Mortar For Masonry

AAC mortar mix or cement: sand(1:6)

Wetting of Block Before Application

Dip in water & Lift immediately

Mortar Thickness

Keep it limited to 10 to 12mm

Coping Beam

Coping beam with 2 nos 8mm reinforcement After 1.2mts height

Curing of Masonry Wall

Curing required only for mortar joint

Cutting of Block

Use tool like hacksaw or rotary cutter

Lintel support

Lintel support on full block

Electric & Sanitary Chases

Chases to be grooved before plaster of wall


Minimum external plaster thickness